Innovative Modular E-drive System for Mobile Machines

Hatz is transforming itself into a technology company, reaching far beyond the production of high quality diesel drives. The long-established Lower Bavarian company is combining the expertise from its mechanical engineering skills and recently acquired know-how from the electrification and automation sector in an innovative modular e-drive system.

Hatz boasts comprehensive application know-how related to compact building site machinery. The well-established company from Lower Bavaria has been supplying diesel drives for this demanding market for decades. However, its expertise extends far beyond diesel technology, as Sebastian Wohlgemuth, overall head of research and development at Hatz, explains: "Hatz is a technology company with expertise in the realization of complex products and the corresponding applications. In addition, we develop and distribute digital solutions and services. All of this experience has been helpful to us in setting up the development platform. We have supplemented our know-how in the field of electric drive technology with Inecosys and are very well equipped for future developments." Hatz acquired the young company from Munich in 2021. Inecosys is a young company from Munich, with in-depth expertise in the development of control and electronics systems for drive solutions, both in terms of hardware and software.

Organic design enables new functionalities

Hatz follows the purpose-design approach when it comes to realizing electric drive systems. This focuses on utilising all of the options of the drive technology selected for the machine. The machine is comprehensively rethought from the bottom up. In this way, functions and added value can be realised that would be impossible through a conventional exchange of the drive technology, for example, the substitution of a combustion engine by an electric motor.

Hatz gave an impressive demonstration of this approach at the Bauma and Conexpo trade fairs with its Concept Cube demonstration machine. For this machine, Hatz developed an innovative drive system that illustrates the potential of this approach in a vibrating plate compactor application. The Concept Cube is a remote-controlled unit that can be freely moved in every direction unlike conventional (electric) vibrating plate compactors. Thanks to the innovative drive system, curve and incline travel is possible. Sebastian Wohlgemuth adds: "In future, connectivity components will be an integral part of machine concepts. The Concept Cube is a unit consisting of an innovative drive, advanced functions, connectivity and ground-breaking design." In addition, the Concept Cube shows that due to the compact design of the drive, even small vibrating plate compactors can be realized without making compromises in functionality, performance and efficiency.

Shaping the future together

With its new modular e-system and the Concept Cube, Hatz is demonstrating that it is actively shaping the transformation towards the building site of the future. In development partnerships, machine manufacturers benefit from Hatz's industry knowledge built up over decades and from Inecosys's expertise in the field of electrification and automation. In this way, innovations can be jointly developed that have innovative functions, designs and machine concepts.



Elena Lechner

Elena Lechner

Corporate Communications, Motorenfabrik Hatz GmbH & Co. KG

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